July 2, 2018


You’ll NEVER believe what this app is doing to preserve Anthony Bourdain’s legacy… It will change the way you think about social media forever!


Some people are too great to be forgotten. Anthony Bourdain was one of them.

That’s why a new app is taking great strides to preserve Bourdain’s legacy by sharing his favorite quotes, interviews, and stories. His loss was tragic, but what keeps this app’s developers up at night is this haunting question: what if we had the opportunity to keep hearing from him in his own words?

Calm down – we aren’t talking about paranormal activity; this is the future of social media.

A solution to the very human problem of mortality has been invented by an NYC startup with their fascinating, new social media platform called Highlanders, now available on both Google Play and in the Apple Store.

Their goal? To use social media to make the world a better place. They want social media to change, for good.

Unlike Facebook, where “likes” and “shares” do not create value for anyone, Highlanders has built a system where day-by-day user’s social engagement translates into donations for the charity of their choice.

But things get even more interesting. The creators want their social media to provide something else for their users: digital immortality.

Highlanders lets you plan to share joy and love with your loved ones, fans, and followers long after you’re gone. It allows you to send your children happy birthday messages on their 60th birthdays; to congratulate your great-grandchildren on graduating from high school or college.

The magic happens through a function of the social media platform called “Wishes.”

Using the Wishes function, users can plan for messages to be delivered to their loved ones on significant dates after they are gone. Users create a social media presence that outlives them, acting on their behalf to deliver special messages to their fans and loved ones.

It would only take you a few minutes to compose that special message for your loved one, but the effects would stick with them forever.

Imagine a world where our favorite people have the ability to leave us little surprises once their time on this earth has passed.

And it’s already possible, thanks to Highlanders app that will undoubtedly revolutionize the way we think about the purpose of social media in our lives.


Are you ready to be a Highlander?