June 14, 2018


This New Social Network Changes Everything


Over the course of your lifetime, you spend around 5 YEARS on social media – over 40,000 hours.

If that statistic gave you a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach, it’s probably because your social media experience is mindless. You catch yourself scrolling through your feeds, clicking on articles you don’t care about, ‘liking’ things without a second thought.

But what if you could transform your time spent on social media into a purposeful, lifelong venture? What if you could immortalize your love and generosity? What if you could uphold meaningful connections with the people you love AND make a positive contribution to a charity of your choice without touching your wallet or really changing your daily routine?

Highlanders allows you to do all of that at once, for free. This revolutionary App will affect the way we think about our whole life and will also change the way we support charities and nonprofits.

The aim of the app is to create an everlasting digital presence. You can do this by building out your own profile, expanding your network by inviting friends and family to the app, and engaging with your community and interests.

The app uses ‘Hearts’ as a form of currency. You can acquire them by showing appreciation for any content on the app, as well as receiving some on stories you’ve posted. Once you’ve earned Hearts, you can use them to redeem Wishes by donating a chunk of them to your charity of choice.

You can use Wishes to create events that will be initiated after your passing. For example, you could leave a special message to your son that he’ll receive the next time he goes back to that lake up in the mountains where you used to camp together every summer. You could send flowers to your granddaughter when she graduates. Or have personalized videos sent to friends on their birthday each year. The goal is for your heart to live on even in your absence – for your friends and family to feel the love forever.

And the best part is all of your activity on the app positively contributes to society. 50% of Highlanders’ profits – plus $1for every active user – goes to charity.

Social media isn’t going anywhere. So why not use those 40,000+ hours we’re going to spend scrolling feeds for something good?


Are you ready to be a Highlander?