Who is the Legacy Contact?

The Legacy Contact is that person you choose, among your Inner Circle, who will be able to activate your Wishes, the Highlanders superpowers.

Normally the Legacy Contact is the person you trust most because once the Legacy Contact will notify Highlanders that you’ve become ‘Digital Only’, your presence will start happening depending on the Wishes you created.

You can add up to 3 additional security triggers in order to make sure that the Legacy Contact will accomplish its duty as expected:

  • You can add as many ‘Second Step Verification Contacts’ as needed who will have to confirm the Legacy Contact is saying the truth;
  • You can set an ‘Wait for Inactivity’ time that has to pass before your are marked ‘Digital Only’;
  • You can request a paper certificate in order to be marked as ‘Digital Only’.

You’ll find these additional security trigger under ‘Settings > Security > Legacy Contact Trigger’.

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