How do I earn Hearts?

Basically every activity on Highlanders allow you to earn your Hearts. For example:

  • When you sign up you receive a 100 Hearts Welcome Bonus;
  • Every time someone love a story you’ve published you’ll get up to up to 5 Hearts depending on how many Hearts that user sent on that story;
  • Every time someone comments on your stories;
  • When you invite someone to join Highlanders and that person signs up;
  • When you start following a new Cause or Charity;
  • When you add your Legacy Contact;
  • While you grow your Inner Circle;
  • When you add your phone number;
  • While you complete your ‘About Me’ page;

and many more.

We will keep adding features and situations to allow you to earn more and more Hearts while you engage with Highlanders. Check your notifications panel for news about it.

Are you ready to be a Highlander?