What’s Highlanders?

Highlanders gives you the power to live forever!

With Highlanders you can make your presence limitless: share, live and laugh with your friends and family, follow and take care of your interests, forever.

Once you are a ‘Highlander’ the more you engage within your network, the more ‘Wishes’ you can create: that’s what enables your superpower of everlasting actions!

Highlanders introduces a new and more meaningful way to share your digital presence and contents, which directly contributes to your preferred Causes and Charities: Highlanders pledges $1 for each monthly active user and half of its profits to the ‘Hearts Fund’ so Causes & Charities can redeem the ‘Hearts’ they collect with money.

Highlanders is a social network which gives a meaning and a value to your digital presence and to the time you spend on it.

Are you ready to be a Highlander?