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Highlanders is the community of everlasting givers nurturing the value of their presence.

Highlanders gives people the power to live forever, meaningfully.

On Highlanders, users can give a purpose to their digital activity and perpetuate their presence virtually forever – sharing moments, rooting for their favorite team, wishing happy birthdays to a dear one are some of those activities they will be able to perform on Highlanders and doing so creating value for causes and charities forever.

This way, through Highlanders, users can take care of what and whom they care the most, create their own legacy, control their endless digital presence and even continue to interact with their own devices, forever.

As the members of our community engage on Highlanders, everybody accumulates ‘Hearts’ – which is how users show appreciation on Highlanders – and the more traffic they generate, the more Hearts they earn.

Every time users create a Wish, they automatically transfer 1,000 Hearts to their preferred cause or charity – which is the organization they chose to support by default and the recipient of the Hearts. Once the ‘Legacy Contact’ marks the user as ‘Digital Only’ this let the user become and everlasting donor for the charity they care.

The funds available to the charity do not come from the users but consists of half of the advertising profits that we at Highlanders devolve to what we called the ‘Hearts Fund’.

As we are gearing up to sell advertising, we are contributing to the Fund with a dollar for each monthly active user.


For more details, contact us via email at


Glossary and branding

  • If you’re writing about us, please refer to us as Highlanders — not “Highlander”.
  • Our app, available in the iTunes Store and Google Play, is named “Highlanders”.
  • Our tagline is “There for you, forever.”
  • Our brand’s primary colors are Orange: R242 G111 B33 (#F26F21) and Light Orange: R243 G153 B117 (#F39975).

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