There for you, forever.

Become a Highlander and get the power to be there for the people and the causes you love, forever!

On Highlanders you connect with your loved ones and take care of them – FOREVER – and, in doing so, you give support to Nonprofits and Charities of your choice, FOR FREE!

Highlanders is totally free for everyone.

Highlanders changes everything.

Your physical presence is not a limit anymore, with Highlanders you can continue to be there for the people and the interests you care, forever.

Share & Store Memories

On Highlanders you can post and save your favorite pics, videos, voice memos, thoughts, jokes and memories with your Inner Circle. You can then pin them and save for later in your folders.

Send & Receive Love

HEARTS are how you show and receive appreciation on Highlanders. You can send Hearts to any story you love. Furthermore, your activities may be rewarded with additional Hearts, for example while growing your network, commenting stories, and many more.

Support Causes & Charities

Spread love by sharing stories from your favorite Nonprofits & Charities to allow them receive Hearts from you and your Inner Circle. While to you and your friends & family it won’t cost a dime, you’ll be donating money out of the Highlanders Hearts Fund.

Follow your Interests

From your personal page browse millions of INTERESTS to follow and follow your favorites to keep receiving their updates. Support the CAUSES you love sending them your HEARTS.

The greatest use of a life is to spend
it on something that will outlast it.

William James
Philosopher and Psychologist

The idea is not to live forever,
is to create something that will.

Andy Warhol

If something comes to life in others because of you,
then you have made an approach to immortality.

Norman Cousins

Create your Story

On Highlanders you can post and save your favorite pics, videos, voice
memos, thoughts, jokes and memories with your Inner Circle.

Create your Legacy

Highlanders makes your digital presence endless and meaningful.

Build your Inner Circle

Start building your INNER CIRCLE: from default screen, open your own page and invite friends and family by browsing your contact list.

Create your Wishes

With WISHES you can trigger on significant events such as specific dates or times, birthdays and so on and executing different actions such as sharing contents or sending special messages to the ones you love. Whenever you want, forever.

Hearts fund Nonprofits

Nonprofit Organizations & Charities can redeem all the Hearts that the community donated them with gift cards or money to support their causes.
The value of the Highlanders Hearts is based on the value of the Hearts Fund, which is $1 for each active user + the 50% of the profits we make.

What people are saying

This is it!

What a wonderful idea! I needed this… And at the end of the day everyone wants to live forever and this makes it happen!

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Ruth Jones, via the App Store

Great idea! It’s the future.

This makes total sense… Who says we can’t continue to share our presence forever with the ones we love?

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Mia Ertz via Google Play

100% Highlander.

The sole idea I am going to be there forever, whenever I would like it to happen, is something so intriguing!!

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John Allen via Google Play

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